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Indian Salwar Kameez

Aside from the sari, one of the most common outfits in the whole of India is the Indian salwar kameez. It is considered as an alternative to the sari. In earlier times, the salwar kameez was commonly worn by men and women in the northern parts of the country only but as time went by, it has become one of the most popular outfits in the country.

The Indian salwar kameez is composed of three pieces. The first piece is called the salwar. This is a kind of loose trouser which can be compared to a pajama. It has a wide upper part and it narrows toward the bottom. As top garment, the kameez is worn. It is a tunic-like blouse that may or may not have Indian embroidery. The salwar and the kameez are accompanied by a veil called the duppatta. Traditionally, the duppatta is worn over the head but nowadays it can be seen worn over the shoulders.

The salwar kameez has evolved from being an everyday suit by workers and farmers into a high fashion garment. Men and women of India wear the salwar kameez as everyday outfit, work outfit and even outfit for casual or formal occasions. The Indian salwar kameez can also be worn to match any climate. This is now the norm across the UK, USA Europe and throughout the world and has been portrayed in Bollywood films.

Indian designers now make salwar kameez that gives a traditional yet modern look to women. There are now salwar kameez that seem to breakaway to the traditional and conservative styles in the past.

The salwar kameez is a manifestation of the perfect fusion of Indian traditional culture and heritage with the modernisation and development of the country.

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